Editing and proofreading

We are able to carry out both editing and  proofreading of documents for a variety of purposes.  Copy-editing of documents improves not only spelling and grammar but also stylistic elements such as coherence and register. We can work to in-house style guides or work to accepted norms of language.  We work with copy for many different purposes, both fiction and non-fiction, the latter ranging from long, technical documents to basic articles for inclusion on websites.  

We can also provide proofreading services of both documents written in English, and translations side by side with the original document to check that nothing has gone wrong at the typesetting stage.

In addition to the above services, which we largely provide for companies, we can also provide more bespoke services for individuals, such as a combination of editing and proofreading services for those needing to produce a report in consideration for a professional qualification.  

To better understand what service would best suit your needs, please contact us for a chat.